How to Avoid Becoming a Shopping Addict

  Ever wondered why there is never a day in time when shopping malls are empty? Deeper analysis will show you that, there are certain customers who are well-known in certain shopping outlets for three main reasons:

They always want to keep up with the latest fashion trends

They believe in being the first ones to buy from any new stock

They buy in bulk

Shop owners love such customers, as they can make quick sales by having such a client base.In this article people who love shopping are referred to as "shopaholics"

Characteristics of a shopaholic:

These kinds of people:

They have tendency to buy what they don't need

They prefer spending their time visiting different shops to see what's on offer

They are best known for always wanting to buy things in bulk

Cannot do without any form of shopping per day.

They always love it when other people acknowledge their new collection

These people always want to stand out in a crowd

Some of them rarely take time to clear their wardrobes or houses of what they no longer need.

They love holding to stuff just for them to feel good about what they own.

They can buy more that two items that are similar in design

The above features are what defines a shopaholic.

Being a "shopaholic" is not in any way different from being addicted to substances. As such it is better to avoid becoming addicted to shopping at all costs.This so because just the way alcoholics tend to divert all their earnings to alcohol,"shopaholics" also have the same tendency of diverting their earnings into shopping for items they could do without.

How then can one avoid becoming a shopaholic?

There are various strategies that one can use in life to avoid becoming a shopping addict These include:

Having a monthly budget for the required essentials

Avoid going shopping accompanied by people who also love to shop without limits

Not always wanting to buy in a specific shop.This will keep shop owners from calling you every time when they receive fresh stock

Avoid spending a lot of money, by buying items such as clothes and shoes when they are no longer in fashion

Avoid shopping online at all costs

Endeavor to buy items using cash and not a credit card as this can keep you from falling into debts.

In case you already are a shopaholic, seek professional advice on how to develop proper shopping strategies. It is not wrong to seek help from friends and family members, especially those who can go with you shopping with the sole aim of keeping your shopping spree in check.

Today you can buy everything on the internet, may it be a box of matches or a modern fighter jet. Everything is for sale. Only 15 years ago it seemed that something like this would be possible in the far future. Today buying a TV set on the internet is not much different than buying a carton of milk in your nearest supermarket.

So is this a good or bad thing. Well it probably depends from which side you are looking at it. In general items bought online have a lower price which is due to the fact that it is sold directly out of the warehouse and there is no need for a retailer so no extra costs like salary for a sales clerk or lease for a shopping area. The quantity from which you can choose is not comparable from a retail shop. Quantity means the possibility to find the necessary quality for an acceptable price. On the other hand the customer looses the possibility to see and touch the item in real life. For a lot of people online shopping still feels like buying ''cat in a sack'' so a number of people view online shopping as shady process and in general are very afraid of being scammed. Actually to some degree they have a valid point because the whole sales process is very anonymous and as such it is prone to scam. But on the other hand anonymous shopping can have its benefits. But we must face the fact that there is no actual anonymity on the internet. We all have IP addresses which can be used to locate the terminal we are using and as soon as we submit our credit card number we identify ourselves. If you want total anonymity then throw away your mobile phone and go on to live in the deepest woods. I don't see that happening for me.

So if online shopping exists it probably best to try to use it to its full potential. In my opinion online shopping is still in its baby steps and we will experience dramatic developments in the near future. Sure today it is very easy to buy electronics, books, clothes and other stuff online, but why stop there? Need a bottle of milk or a pack of cigarettes, why just not order them online. All that is needed are a few clicks on your computer and the closest supermarket could deliver the requested items directly to your home. Oh and wait till someone discovers teleportation...

The most important thing is to be open to every new possibility and, in my opinion, online shopping and online business in general is the way of future. If we are willing to give it a try the rewards could be very satisfying.


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